Please note that all capacities are a guideline only and are based on the maximum use of the space available for standard setups. Number are reduced by staging, technical equipment, dance floors, type of menu being served or entertainment.

  • Dining layout: 160
  • Theatre – sitting and/or standing: 200

Hireage is of the hall building only, not exclusive use of the Village Green or the rest of the Coatesville Reserve as this is an open public area.

DEPOSIT/Booking fee $100 is required at the time of booking .Please note this deposit/booking fee is non refundable. For internet banking the account is 12 3046 0233401 00
Please state your surname & date of function in the reference fields.

BOND​​ $500.00 -$1000- Payable with the rental fee balance 1 calendar month prior to event. The BOND also covers the AED (Advanced Emergency Defibrillator). When used the battery & pads have to be replaced at the recipient’s cost. (the provision of the AED is via the kind donation of the local Coatesville Community).

The full Bond will be refunded promptly by the Coatesville Hall bookings administrator if no costs/losses have been incurred by the Coatesville Hall Incorporated Society for damage to the premises and/or surrounding grounds or as a result of the negligence of the hirer or any of their members, guests etc. and if no additional cleaning is required. The hall committee reserves the right to decline the use of the Hall/Centre, or increase the amount of the Bond required.

Auckland Council noise control requires that events close at midnight and the venue is vacated shortly thereafter.

Your wedding or event organiser is welcome to install additional electric lighting.

If you also wish to use table lighting, only LED candles or lanterns can be used.

The risk of fire in our lovely hall is too great and it would be a tragedy for the community and those many people who use our hall because of its beautiful setting.

The Coatesville Settlers Hall is in a rural environment where noise travels further as there are no surrounding buildings to help block the sound.

From around 8:00pm amplified sound needs to be limited to the the interior of the hall as the grassed are outside is part of the Coatesville Reserve and therefore a public space.

Sound levels within the hall need to be at a reasonable level so as not to breach Council noise levels at the boundary of the reserve are – and therefore minimise the impact on neighbours.

Any equipment installed needs to have adequate floor cover for performances on the stage or on other parts of the hardwood floor.

There is ample parking on the road around the hall. Please do not park on the paved area in front of the Coatesville Settlers Hall, as we wish to keep this area undamaged.

You can unload and load from the road side. Would you please let your delivery companies & vendors know this as well.

Remove all your decorations, hired furniture, hired equipment, food from kitchen & rubbish, stack away the hall furniture in the storage area. We suggest you have a “pack down crew” and don’t just leave to a couple of people.

Have the hall cleaned by the allotted time. For Saturday weddings/large functions this is usually by 11am on the Sunday morning. Check with the custodian a couple of days prior to your function for possibility to extend this deadline if there is no one using the hall on the Sunday. Extras hours are charged out at $25 per hour for pack down/cleaning time. (this can be deducted from your Bond).

If you are hiring Leanne Holder to do your cleaning (and this is highly recommended) Ph 0274 323317 . You need to let her have the main hall space first and then the kitchen and toilets.
On average it takes up to 3 hours to properly clean the hall after a large function and you need to take this into consideration when you have an 11am Sunday deadline. Leanne can’t clean the hall around the furniture and items belonging to you. We suggest you get everything outside onto the deck and out the rear and front doors to allow Leanne easy access. Please ensure that you and Leanne are clear about the start of cleaning time.
Leanne is not responsible for picking up rubbish outside, including beer bottle tops, broken glass, cigarette butts and vomit.

The Coatesville Market operates the first Sunday of every month but the manager of this event is also Leanne Holder so she can work around this tight timeframe.

Please be honest about damage you have done.



  • Dining layout: 160
  • Theatre – sitting and/or standing: 200
  • Equipment


Tables and chairs available

Kitchen facilities

  • Fridge
  • Hot water zip or urn
  • Kitchenette
  • Oven
  • Room features



  • Wheelchair friendly


  • Kitchen available


  • Deck


  • Toilets