Maximum Occupancy: 200 persons (Concert)

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The deposit may be refunded in full if the booking is cancelled more than three months before the scheduled date. After that time only $100.00 of the deposit will be refunded.

Conditions of Hire

1. In the event of a problem arising with the security of the building outside normal daylight hours, when the custodian cannot be reached, Auckland Council should be contacted on Phone 09 301 01 01

2. The hall is to be vacated and cleaned by the finish stated on the front page. Where prior agreement is obtained cleaning may take place by a time agreed with the custodian. A cleaning fee may be deducted from the Bond if deemed necessary by the custodian.

3. To obtain and return keys plus the checklist as arranged. The charge for a lost key is $100.

4. Do not place any nails, pins, drawing pins, screws in the woodwork or plaster (both inside & outside). Please use the existing hooks and support wire provided in the hall for decoration anchor points only. Please do not touch the Roll of Honor board in the lobby.

5. Leave the hired area in a clean and tidy condition (as per the Post Function Cleaning Schedule). Pick up exterior rubbish around the hall and roadside (bottle caps, cigarette butts etc). If a guest has been sick in or outside the hall this is your responsibility to remove (please do not leave this to the cleaner).

6. Be responsible for the return of all furniture to the storage area (trestle tables, chairs & ladders). Use the hall’s chairs & tables only within the hall building and decks.

7. Remove, from site, all refuse as accumulated during the period of hire. Wash out the rubbish bins provided before replacing with a clean rubbish sack.

8. Undertake to make good any damage or loss to the hall property or contents attributable to members, supporters or invited guests during the period of hire. Failure to do so means repair or replacement will be made by tradesmen of the hall committee or council’s choosing and the cost deducted from the Bond.

9. Ensure that the NO SMOKING policy in the entire complex is complied with, including no candles or naked flame.

10. Ensure compliance with the NO ANIMALS policy throughout the entire complex. With exception – seeing eyes dogs for the visually impaired.

11. The sale of alcohol requires a Special License from Auckland Council’s Licensing Department. This license should be obtained at least 30 working days prior to an event by accessing or telephoning 09 301 0101.

12. Evening functions must end at midnight and premises vacated by 1.00am. Application for longer hours must be agreed with the hall custodian and the Coatesville Settlers Hall Incorporated committee. Loud music/noise must end at after 11.30pm.

13. Subletting is not permitted.

14. Any expenses be incurred by the hall committee due to damage to the fittings, fixtures and equipment may result in having the costs deducted from the Bond. Should the Bond be insufficient to cover the cost of damage or replacement this additional charge must be paid by the hirer.

15. Allow access to the Coatesville Settlers Hall at all times for an authorised representative of the Auckland Council, the Coatesville Settlers Hall committee or hall custodian.

16. Accept full responsibility for storage and protection of own equipment and belongings while it is within the Coatesville Settlers Hall complex.

17. Health & Safety: Hirers must avoid any activity which places themselves, guests or attendees at risk of injury. Should the hirer become aware of any hazardous situation associated with the building or it’s contents the hazard must be isolated and reported to the hall custodian or the Auckland Council. If the First Aid Kit is used you are required to record the items used, as well as record the name and contact details of the person injured. If the Advanced Emergency Defibrillator (AED) is used please advise the hall custodian. In the event the pad seal is broken negligently there is a charge of $350.

18. In the event of a cancellation within three months of the event part of the deposit is a non-refundable booking fee.

19. If the Fire Alarm System is activated by users of the hall any fees charged by the Fire Brigade will be recovered from the hirer. The following could set off the alarm – smoke, smoking, candles etc.

20. No fires should be lit outside the Coatesville Settlers Hall.

21. BBQ’s should not be placed under any of the verandah eaves or porticos. Any BBQ must be at least 2 metres from any of the exterior weatherboards walls and a protective cover should be placed under & behind the BBQ to protect the surface of the deck.

22. You should receive a “Known Damage Report” from the custodian at the time you receive the hall keys. Please notify any damage observed that is not shown on the report otherwise it may be considered to be your damage.

23. Comply with all conditions of hall hire on User’s Checklist.

24. As a condition of the hiring of the Coatesville Settlers Hall, the hirer/s agree to be appointed and act as Fire Warden pursuant to the Fire Safety & Evacuation Buildings Regulations 1992 and understand the actions required of them in the event of a fire.

25. Septic System. – Please only use the cleaning substances supplied by the hall custodian. If the red light flashes (above the broom cupboard in the kitchen) please ring the custodian immediately. If the custodian is uncontactable please ring another committee member (listed on the kitchen wall) as an emergency callout is required to fix.

26. FIREWORKS and Night Balloons are not permitted.

27. Noise: Please ensure no loud external noise is projected after 11.00pm. Auckland Council regulations exist to control noise levels. There are residential homes nearby and consideration should be extended towards them at all times. Any noise control callouts & fines will be the responsibility of the hirer/s.

28. Small gazebos of archways are permitted on the village green surrounding the hall. Note that this area is part of a public reserve and care should be taken to ensure that the public are not prevented from their right to move through the area.

29. Should hirers require to erect any form of marquee on the village green, an event permit is required from Auckland Council (cost $300) and depending on size a temporary building consent may also be required.

Auckland Council & Coatesville Settlers Hall Incorporated shall not be held responsible for any loss, theft or damage of any property for any reason, regardless of the cause, including any fault pertaining to any fitting, appliance or piece of apparatus within the vicinity of the Coatesville Settlers Hall buildings or grounds.

Fire Warden Responsibility
When the Fire/Evacuation Alarm sounds or a fire is discovered the Fire Warden is responsible for the evacuation of the building’s occupants to the Village Green Assembly Point using the nearest safe EXIT. The warden also ensures the Fire Service is immediately informed by telephoning 111 from outside the building.

Fire Warden
” Before using the hall always check the following:
” The escape routes are clearly identified by signs & clear of obstacles at all times.
” EXIT doors are not locked, barred or blocked so as to prevent occupants from leaving the buildings at any time.
” Passageways leading to an EXIT are not used as spaces for storage or refuse accumulation.
” Flammable liquids/ materials are not to be stored near or within any part of the building.
Ensure none of the above is compromised when the hall is occupied.

If a fire is discovered or the Fire/Evacuation Alarm is triggered:
You have TWO important tasks to complete.
a) Ensure the safety of all occupants
b) Alert the Fire Service as soon as possible

Occupant Safety.
” Check all areas of the building & direct people to evacuate to the Assembly Point.
” If a person requires assistance to evacuate delegate someone to help whilst you continue with your tasks.
” Close all doors you pass through. Do not stop to close windows.

Fire Service.
” As soon as you exit the building ensure the Fire Service has been contacted on 111.
” When the Fire Service arrives inform them about the fire & the evacuation status.
” Do not re-enter the building until the Fire Service allow you to do so.

Ensure you inform the custodian, committee member and/or the Auckland Council on 301 01 01.

Fire fighting should only be attempted if it is safe to do so.